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What is Clusiv

We’re the world’s first e-learning platform built for and by the blind and visually impaired. 

Founded with the mission of reducing the net amount of suffering in the world, we’ve established ourselves as the leader in accessible upskilling and vocational training. 

Whether you’re an enterprise business or government agency, Clusiv has the software you need to hit your inclusive hiring or placement goals. 

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Course 1

Accomodations in the workplace

Whether you’re creating an inclusive workplace or wanting to understand your rights and how to ask your employer for accomodations, this course is for you!

Learn how to navigate internal tech stack choices, accomodations, rights, and most of all inCLUSIVe culture.


COST: Free | LENGTH: 40 hours | PACE: Self Paced

Course 2

Software exploration for screen reader users

The days of low vision or blindness keeping you out of high paying tech jobs are over. 

Learn how to explore new software, get a primer in computer science, and understand how to leverage your unique strengths to enter a lucrative career today!

COST: $1499 | LENGTH: 90 hours | PACE: Self Paced

The Problem

Average Job Placement Rate in America

0 %

Underemployment Rate of Blind and Visually Impaired

0 %

Average Blind & Visually Impaired salary in America

$ 20000

Accessible Training & Onboarding Options Available


The Clusiv Solution

Average Job Placement Rate of Clusiv Graduates

20 %

Underemployment Rate of Clusiv Graduates

93 %

Average Clusiv Graduate Starting Salary

$ 28276

Accessible Training & Onboarding Options Available


Clusiv Offerings


SkillSet is the world’s first e-learning platform built for and by the blind and visually impaired community. 

Currently focused on vocational training and upskilling to improve employment outcomes for state agencies, trainers, and our blind and visually impaired students. 

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Accessible Onboarding

Utilizing our processes and tech, Clusiv can enable your organization to hire & train blind and visually impaired persons for technical positions you never could have prior. 

Our proprietary software and process will help your company standout for doing the right thing and achieving your DE&I goals. 

Contact us to learn how you can be an industry leader. 

"Clusiv is changing the way accessible tech is viewed and likewise the way our differently abled employees progress their careers and lives."

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