Your path to the modern workforce

Clusiv is an online learning platform for the blind and visually impaired that teaches occupational training, technology skills, and educational courses to empower employment. We help remove barriers to successful employment by teaching the skills you need to be equipped for the modern workforce.

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First Elearning Platform

The world's first blind e-learning platform

Built by and for professionals who are blind and visually impaired to break through accessibility barriers.

Vocational Rehab Resource

A resource for vocational rehabilitation organizations

Our easy-to-use platform is transparent, streamlined, and extremely time-saving for counselors and students.

Engineering Accessibility

Engineering accessibility for the modern workforce.

We do this with accessible onboarding, upskilling, and through our inclusive hiring pipeline for you.

What brings you to Clusiv?

Are you a blind student or job-seeker?

Clusiv will teach you the skills that will help you thrive in the modern workforce. Our e-learning platform will help you learn these skills at your own pace and will prepare you for a position with an organization that will value the skills and experiences that you have to offer.

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Gain a Purpose Driven Career Clusiv Blind Voc Rehab

Gain a purpose-driven career

There is a difference between a job and a career, and Clusiv’s goal is to align your passions with a modern position that you find meaningful and will thrive in as you realize your potential.

Alt Earn a Competitive Salary Clusiv Blind Job Seeker

Earn a competitive salary

Clusiv does not work with or tolerate organizations who pay under minimum wage or anything near it. On average, our graduates earn 1.8X more than they did before starting.

Learn With Modern Curriculums Clusiv

Learn from evolving curriculums

We offer an course-list rooted in the real-time needs of the modern workforce with programs such as Fundamentals of Computer Science and Professional Skills for the Modern Workforce.

Request Clusiv from Blind Vocational Rehab Counselor

Request us here or with your counselor

Just ask your vocational rehab counselor to sign up with Clusiv. There is no money out of your pocket and we will do the rest. Enjoy lifetime access to the platform at your own pace.

Vocational rehabilitation professionals

Clusiv’s easy-to-use platform is transparent, streamlined, and time-saving for counselors. But most importantly, it is accessible to your clients for life. 

Our goal isn’t to train your clients for a job. Our goal is to train your clients for a career in an ever-changing modern workforce. We can’t wait to work together with you!

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Clusiv E-Learning Designed for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors

Designed for you

We understand you’re busy with important work. So we designed our counselor portal and dashboard to meet the needs of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors like you. 

Voc Rehab Counselors Save Time with Clusiv

Save time

We value your time, so we built a platform that gets you the information, data, and invoices you need easily and quickly. Less notes and  questionnaires and more time for yourself.

Life Changing Opportunity for your Clients Blind Job Seekers


Your clients will receive modern workforce training, gain meaningful employment with competitive salaries, and will have lifetime access to the courses on the Clusiv platform.

Questions from Vocational Rehab Counselors Clusiv Blind Disability Job Seeker

Have questions?

We have answers! Just click the button below and fill out the form. We’d love to send you a free demo account.

Build an inclusive workforce with Clusiv's blind graduates and training platform

The Clusiv platform and pipeline gives your organization the opportunity to create a more inclusive and dynamic workforce. 

When your organization hires our graduates, you will experience a seamless and accessible onboarding and upskilling experience that will save your stakeholders money and time.

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Accessible Onboarding Hiring Blind Disabled Employees Inclusive Clusiv


The Clusiv e-learning platform is designed to prioritize accessiblity, which will result in a seamless experience for your organization as you hire, onboard, and train your stakeholders. 

Inclusive Hiring Diversity Clusiv Blind Job Seekers

Inclusive hiring

We have a continuously growing and evolving network of blind professionals who are prepared to realize your organization’s mission while furthering its accessibility capabilities.

Fortify Your Work Culture Clusiv Diversity Inclusion

Fortifying culture

When you hire, train, and upskill with Clusiv you become a member of our team. We pride ourselves in supporting our graduates and the great organizations who hire them.

Accessible Upskilling Clusiv Blind Vocational Rehab Inclusion

Accessible upskilling

It’s critical that we build differently abled leaders in today’s world. Clusiv’s platform and industry expertise is the best way for your blind employees to be trained and upskilled. 

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Coming soon: The Clusiv App

Clusiv is proud to announce that we are developing a mobile app scheduled to be released by the end of 2022.  Stay tuned for more information!

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Epitome of Accessibility Clusiv App

The epitome of accessibility

We strive to create the most accessible mobile app in the market for blind and visually impaired people globally.

Free Professional Accessibility Training Clusiv Blind

Free professional training

Complete Professional Skills for the Modern Workforce courses such as Using Gmail with JAWS for free.

Engage Blind Professionals Clusiv App

Engage with blind professionals

Listen to Clusiv videos and podcast episodes with barrier breaking blind professionals on a variety of topics.

Join Clusiv Network Blind Professionals Job Seekers

Join the Clusiv network

Use it to learn more about Clusiv and request our e-learning platform built by the blind and for the blind.