What Is Clusiv

Clusiv is a venture backed startup revolutionizing the way vocational rehabilitation agencies find and provide training for their clients.

Gone are the days where knowing email is enough to secure a job, but legacy training providers are still acting like it is.

Over the last 20 years our world has changed, you must now know how to use and engage with multiple digital meeting platforms, email platforms, cloud storage, and many tools just to be considered for an entry level role at most companies.

Our training ensures your clients learn the skills they need to enter the modern workforce. Clusiv is the future of employment skills training for vocational rehabilitation.

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Clusiv Mobile app

Clusiv is proud to announce that our mobile app is live! If you haven’t trained with Clusiv yet, this is a great way to get a feel for our training and keep up with our events, specials, and ever growing course offering. 

Download by using the button below or by searching “Clusiv” in the app store!

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