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What is Clusiv

We’re the world’s first e-learning platform built for and by the blind and visually impaired. 

Founded with the mission of reducing the net amount of suffering in the world, we’ve established ourselves as the leader in accessible upskilling and vocational training. 

Whether you’re an enterprise business or government agency, Clusiv has the software you need to hit your inclusive hiring or placement goals. 

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A diverse team of blind engineers, visually impaired creators, and a wounded veteran leader. We’ve decided that the days of blind and visually impaired people being kept out of high paying tech jobs are over. 

We’re solving this problem at the government and business level with two bespoke solutions to create a more inCLUSIVe world.

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The problem

Average Job Placement Rate in America

0 %

Underemployment Rate of Blind and Visually Impaired

0 %

Average Blind & Visually Impaired salary in America

$ 20000

Accessible Training & Onboarding Options Available


The Clusiv Solution

Average Job Placement Rate of Clusiv Graduates

20 %

Underemployment Rate of Clusiv Graduates

93 %

Average Clusiv Graduate Starting Salary

$ 28276

Accessible Training & Onboarding Options Available


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