Vocational Rehab Resource guide

Welcome to the Clusiv resource guide!

We understand that every state and every agency works a bit differently and want to provide you with the resource you need to succeed. 

Below there is a list of quick links that will jump you to the section you need.  If your question isn’t answered here, please email founders@clusiv.io or fill out the contact form to the right!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clusiv?

Clusiv is the world’s first accessible e-learning platform built for & by the blind and visually impaired. We solve the global problem of blind inclusion in the workforce and society as a whole. Currently, 76% of blind Americans are unemployed. Those that are employed are almost entirely relegated to menial labor for menial wages with an average salary of $27k. This has gone on so long that our society views these statistics of a capabilities issue, it isn’t.

Our e-learning platform gives blind and partially sighted people the ability to learn the skills needed for remote and technical jobs from the comfort of their own home and at their own pace. This breaks down the barriers between blind and partially sighted people and learning by removing the need for expensive transportation, covid exposure, and lackluster training. Our platform provides job track specific, remote, vocational training that gives agency and opportunity back to blind and partially sighted people.

What does Clusiv teach? 
Our Professional skills course covers all the software & skills needed for your client to enter the modern workforce.
What does the counselor have to do once the client is enrolled? 
Nothing, Clusiv is self-paced and remote capable though you can use it as a cohort. 
Who should I refer to Clusiv training?
Any client who seeks to gain competitive integrated employment, learn a new job skill, or explore a career. The client only needs to be able to check their email and click on a link using JAWS to begin Clusiv training.  Blind or partially sighted makes no difference as our platform and course are designed to deliver wonder user experiences through both forms of assistive technology.  
Is there any equipment they need prior to training?
The Clusiv student needs a windows computer with JAWS installed on it. ** A full keyboard with a number pad is ideal but not required **
How hard is it to enroll a client in Clusiv?
The process to enroll a student in Clusiv is 3 clicks once you are logged in. You need to have the authorization in a pdf format to upload and the student’s basic information to enter.
Is this course is appropriate for Zoomtext users as well as JAWS users? 
Our training focuses on the JAWS user experience but is high contrast and the content does still provide value through the soft skills that are part of every lesson.
How do I schedule a time to learn more about the Clusiv app?
If Clusiv isn’t already a vendor in your state, fill out the contact form above. If we are already a vendor call or email with the info in our registration!

Current Courses

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