Meet the software changing the world for visually impaired people. 

Meet the software changing the world for visually impaired people.

"We remove the barriers between content and the visually impaired user. "
- Lukas Simianer
CEO & Founder

What is SkillSet?

SkillSet is the world’s first e-learning platform built specifically for people with visual impairments.

For the first time ever, visually impaired folks the world round will have access to remote, technical, and job specific training. Not only does SkillSet prepare the student for remote work and technical jobs, it empowers the student to explore and learn new technologies on their own with the strategies and tools we give them. Something the sighted community takes for granted.

Why do we need this?

The current job placement rate for visually impaired folks seeking work in America is less than 20%. Of the 20% placed almost all of them are underemployed, relegated to menial labor, for menial pay or less. 
It’s absurd to think that merely because one is differently abled they’re only good for physical work. However, that is the way our world has evolved. Technology has left the visually impaired community in the dark, literally, and we knew we had a mission in fixing that.  Skillset does more than just provide the ability to learn where there was none before, it creates freedom for the visually impaired. Often unknown to the sighted community visually impaired folks are forced to live in higher cost of living areas because of the limited employment opportunities. Not only that but they often specifially have to plan where they live based off of handicap bus routes or proximity to work. 
The freedom of choice in our employment, travel in where we live, movement in how we commute is something we take for granted and something SkillSet creates by preparing our students for remote work. 

How do I get SkillSet?

SkillSet is currently provided through your local vocational rehab or blind services office (depending on your state). If your state isn’t currently offering SkillSet it can be as simple as telling your counselor you want to use it and having them reach out via the link offered below or sending them to 
If you’re a state or federal representative looking to begin offering SkillSet through your program use the link below to fill out an onboarding request or schedule a consultation & demo.  

Can you make a course for my software?

Yes, the ideal partner company has a software that is:
  • Widely used or is similar to industry competitors
  • Used in remote jobs often
  • is accessible and doesn’t rely on visual queing for use
If you’re interested in partnering with us please use the link below to get started!

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