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Current Module:  Hunter Irrigation – System Management

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Navigating Hunter Irrigation  

The task at hand is adding a new system to the control panel.  We add new systems when we gain a new customer or an existing customer updates or adds a system to their account. 

We wont worry about setting the cycle times and gallon per minute settings in this task as you won’t always have those when you provision the system. 

Task Navigation Instructions:

  1. From the main control console use the “systems control” button link to navigate to the systems control page.
  2. On the systems control page navigate through the tabbed dropdown menu buttons until you find the ‘account controls’ menu.
  3. Select the ‘account controls menu’ and navigate through the menu options to ‘new account system’ and select it. 
  4. This will open a form on the page below the tabbed menus where you input the new system information in a series of text input fields. 
  5. The submit button is at the bottom of the new form. When you submit the new system you will be redirected back to the systems control page where you can see your new system added. 


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