Image of the State of Texas with the Clusiv Logo inside of it.

Clusiv is Now Serving Blind Job-Seekers in the State of Texas

Clusiv is proud to announce that we are officially able to support blind students and job-seekers who are residents of the great state of Texas. As our Founder & CEO Lukas Simianer put it, “Clusiv was founded in Austin, TX, so it is such a privilege for us to be able to serve the blind residents of its home state.”

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Lukas Simianer Invited to BVI Podcast Four Bad Eyes CEO Lukas Simianer invited to Four Bad Eyes Podcast hosted by Anthony Ferraro and Dan Mancina to discuss “Building a Blind Army”. is a startup with the goal of producing the world’s first blind CTO. Digital Accessibility Blind Visually Impaired BVI Inclusive

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Clusiv was named one of the Future 5 of Austin Tech. Given the Austin’s hard earned moniker the Silicon Hills, this is no small feat. In the land of startups, Clusiv stands poised to bring Silicon Valley, or in this case Hills analytics and tech to the vocational training and accessibility space.

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Clusiv is guided by the fundamental ideal in the right to life, liberty, and happiness. It’s why we’re here. We attempt to align our beliefs with our language to create respectful communication.

One of the things that we like to talk about is the Social Model of Disability. This model means that people aren’t disabled because of their physical impairments or challenges, but because of external barriers existing in society. These external barriers can be attitudes, like people believing that blind people need to be protected and provided for. Or external barriers can be physical challenges, like a building without proper ramps or elevators. Clusiv is focused on removing the digital barriers to education, connection, and work. It’s essentially a digital ramp.

That being said, we believe that people who have a disability have the right to discuss it in any way they choose. For some people, the medical model of disability is preferred. We use people-first language and community-based language out of respect for individual preference. Whether someone identifies as a blind person or a person with a visual impairment or low vision, Clusiv is committed to being an ally.