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Many jobs that were once in-house have moved to remote work. IDEA Hiring (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access) is not a fad, but an essential way for companies to attract and retain talented workers. In the past, visual impairments may have separated you from meaningful and highly rewarding employment. We’ve built our program to be 100% accessible so you can learn the skills you need to pursue new employment opportunities. With Clusiv, there are no barriers separating you from the content you need to prepare for the jobs you want.


To enroll in Clusiv’s Skillset Training you’ll need to request Clusiv training through your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. We’re currently working diligently to expand our training program to all fifty states and you requesting Clusiv with the form below helps us speed that process! 

If you currently have a counselor or are working with vocational rehab select the “I have a counselor” button below. If you are not currently in vocational rehab select the “I’m not currently in VR” button below.

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