We are Clusiv,

A diverse team of blind engineers, visually impaired creators, and a wounded veteran leader. We’ve decided that the days of blind and visually impaired people being kept out of high paying tech jobs are over. 

We’re solving this problem at the government and business level with two bespoke solutions to create a more inCLUSIVe world.

Find the job that fits you below!

Open Positions

Course Copywriter

Similar Roles: Content Writer / Educational Experience Writer

The Clusiv content writer is responsible for documenting technical and instructional task items in ordered list format and converting these lists into engaging written content for our students. This role will start as an hourly 1099 and with experience can expand to a full time role.

Skills Sought:

  • Experience writing creative and engaging content
  • Curriculum writing
  • Educational content creation or management
  • Experience with the blind & low vision community
  • Strong communication and leadership skills


Pay Range: $21.00 – $35.00 hourly

Senior Engineer

Stack: React, Node, SQL, AWS

Senior React engineer with 5 or more years of experience building and deploying web apps to production. 

At Clusiv you will be building cutting edge tech using the tools you already know to help millions of people regain their agency and freedom.  We’re less focused on work with legacy code bases and searching for someone with prior startup experience though we’re open to anyone with the chops to build innovative apps and a love for teaching junior engineers the same. 

Experience Engineer

● High Proficiency in one or more screen reader modalities (Jaws, NVDA, voiceover).
● high to moderate comfort in exploring new software with screen readers.
● excellent typed/written and oral communication skills.
● Growth centered individual that enjoys consistent work with increasing opportunity and

Description: The Senior Experience Engineer will be responsible for navigating new tasks on new software
while documenting the pathways and experience they have. The Senior Experience Engineer reports directly to the head of product. The Growth opportunity within Clusiv, Inc leads this position to being our Head of Experience Creation role.

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