Clusiv for Business:

The American Workforce is facing problems. The pandemic has upset the supply chain. Workers have resigned from their roles in large numbers. Video conferencing has created remote offices. Politically and culturally, individuals are trying to make sense of how our new world will operate. Developing inclusive organizations will revitalize staff and lead to unique solutions. Recent surveys support that this is an important contributor to employee satisfaction.

ADA non-compliance lawsuits for inaccessible digital products and services have risen 200% in the past five years. There were over four thousand cases focused on digital accessibility alone in 2021. These lawsuits create problems for businesses small and large. These lawsuits are costly and time-consuming, and at the end of the legal process, nothing productive has been achieved. A lawsuit doesn’t give people with disabilities the accessible digital products they need.

Clusiv has the solution.

Accessibility as a part of your product lifecycle, not an afterthought.

Clusiv graduates earn a certificate in Accessibility Testing and Quality Assurance in our training program. People who have visual impairments have become a proven resource by providing accessibility engineering through their unique skillset. Graduates from Clusiv’s Accessibility Testing and Quality Assurance program are trained to collaborate with teams to engineer products correctly and elegantly. These accessibility engineers will be frontline workers building a new, accessible internet.

Your business is complex and so are the solutions you need. Reach out to set up a time to discuss your needs with our business development team. We’re here to help build valuable relationships between talented individuals and businesses.

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