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Clusiv’s easy-to-use platform is transparent, streamlined, and time-saving for counselors. But most importantly, your clients will get lifetime access to our e-learning platform. 

Our goal isn’t to train your clients for a job. Our goal is to train your clients for a career in an ever-changing modern workforce.

And with life-time access to our e-learning platform, your clients can upskill throughout their life to meet and exceed the demands necessary to be a valuable asset for any organization. 

The Clusiv Curriculum

Professional Skills for the Modern Workforce

Remote Learning Prep Clusiv E-Learning Platform

Remote Learning Prep

Get prepared to achieve with Clusiv through transparent onboarding.

Jaws Bootcamp Clusiv Professional Workforce Development Blind

Jaws Bootcamp

Where we learn settings, tips, tricks and basic all the way to advanced controls.

Clusiv Operating Systems Professional Development E-Learning Blind

Operating Systems

Navigating the various controls, settings, sounds, search bars, and shortcuts.

Clusiv Email E-Learning Blind Vocational Rehab

Email Platforms

Becoming proficient in business multiple communication styles.

Google G-Suite Blind E-Learning Accessibility Clusiv

Google Workspace

An immersion in all things Google such as Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Microsoft 365 Clusiv E-Learning Accessibility Vocational Rehab

Microsoft Office

Then immersing ourselves in Microsoft Office’s OneDrive, Word, Excel, and more.

Digital Meetings Zoom Webinar Clusiv E-Learning Vocational Rehab Blind

Digital Meeting Platforms

Learning not only how to operate Zoom and Google Meets, and etiquette.

Interview Resume Assistance Clusiv E-Learning Blind Job Seekers Voc Rehab

Interview & Resume Prep

Where we prepare our students for their upcoming interviews and networking events.

Disclosures Accomodations Clusiv E-Learning Blind Job Seekers a11y

Disclosures & Accomodations

Learning our rights as BVI professionals, what they mean and when to use them.

Fundamentals of Computer Science

Introduction to Computer Science Clusiv Blind E-Learning


Covering the languages, topics, assumptions and capabilities of Computer Science.

Fundamentals of Computer Science Clusiv Blind E-Learning


A deeper dive into computers, servers, concepts, languages and software programs.

Build a Webpage Blind E-Learning Vocational Rehab Platform Clusiv

Build a Webpage

Where we learn how to plan, build, alter, and update webpages with screen readers.

Learn HTML Blind Coders Clusiv E Learning


We go deeper in HTML language and learn about elements, tags, types, forms, images, and alt texts.

Learn CSS Blind Coders Clusiv E Learning

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets

This module is where we learn how CSS affects a user’s experience and how to create code that will make webpages accessible and unique.

Learn JAVASCRIPT Blind Coders Clusiv E Learning


Building off of the prior modules on HTML and CSS, we introduce our job seekers to the programming language of JavaScript.

Build a Website Blind E-Learning Voc Rehab

Building Your First Website

Where our students become actual engineers creating, innovating, problem-sovling, and smashing through accessibility barriers.

Graduation Fundamentals Computer Science Blind E-Learning Clusiv


Now our job seekers have a foundational understanding of Computer Science and it’s now time for work or more education.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) How is Clusiv different from Assistive Technology training?

Answer: The Professional Skills for the Modern Workforce course takes the skills that a job seeker has already learned from their Assistive Technology training and applies them to professional work platforms to teach people how to more effectively and efficiently use these workspaces that will be vital for success in the workplace. 

Client learns basic to intermediate Screen Reader or Magnification skills, and then applies those skills to advance them in the Clusiv training.

Fundamentals of Computer Sciences requires that a job seeker already have Basic to Intermediate Screen Reader or Magnification skills. This course is centered on giving people an entry level understanding of computer science will help them build their resume and become more competitive in positions such as Web Design, and Accessibility testing/engineering.


2) What are the appropriate service codes for the IPE? 

Answer: Clusiv Trainings are typically coded under Vocational/Occupational Training, Pre-ets Work Readiness Training, or Pre-ets Job Exploration Counseling. Check with your State for your specific code.


3) Are there any certifications associated with the training?

Answer: At this time, there are no certifications associated with the Clusiv trainings. Clusiv is working on obtaining the permissions to offer Microsoft office certification.


4) Does a person need to be interested in Computer Science in order to take Professional Skills for the Modern Workforce?

Answer: No! Any job seeker who will be using computer-based systems at their job would benefit from the Professional Skills course. The professional skills course is best viewed as training for any professional office position and the foundational elements for IT jobs 


5) What does the counselor have to do once the Vocational Rehabilitation customer is enrolled? 

Answer: Nothing, Clusiv is self-paced and remote capable though the Vocational Rehabilitation counselor can use it as a cohort. There is special access given to the Vocational Rehabilitation counselor to be able to view their customer’s progress.


6) Who should be referred to the Clusiv training?

Answer: Any Vocational Rehabilitation customer who seeks to gain competitive integrated employment. The Vocational Rehabilitation customer only needs to be able to check their email and click on a link using JAWS to begin Clusiv training. 


7) Is there any equipment the Vocational Rehabilitation customer needs prior to training?

Answer: The Vocational Rehabilitation customer will need a windows computer with JAWS installed on it. 

*A full keyboard with a number pad is ideal but not required.

What Clusiv graduates have to say

Below is an interview with a recent Clusiv graduate from the state of Texas. Listen to hear about her thoughts on the platform, curriculum, and how attentive Clusiv’s student success team was throughout the entire experience.

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