The Benefits of Hiring Clusiv Graduates

Clusiv Blind Visually Impaired E-Learning Vocational Rehabilitation

The Clusiv Experience

Clusiv’s platform and pipeline gives your organization the opportunity to create an inclusive workforce by hiring our graduates with a seamless and accessible onboarding experience. 

Our platform also gives your current employees valuable and accessible up-skilling experiences, which will bring more value to them and your organization as a whole.

Diversity and Accessibility Clusiv Blind Job Seekers Inclusion

Inclusion & Accessibility

With Clusiv, inclusion and accessibility go hand-in-hand and the positive impacts go from surpassing human resources goals all the way to increasing profitability. 

No matter what skillset you hire our graduates for, due to life experience and overcoming barriers on a daily basis, they are a great resource as subject matter experts in accessibility and resourcefulness..

Uniquely Qualified Clusiv Blind Professionals

Uniquely Qualified

Our blind professionals are uniquely qualified through their own life experience and training on our e-learning platform to anticipate, avoid and mitigate future problems when they are included in engineering and product life cycle processes.

Clusiv’s graduates benefit more than your ADA compliance standards, they benefit your company’s market reach when you’re more accessible.

Turning Disabilities into Superpowers

Listen to Clusiv CEO and Co-Founder Luke Simianer speak to the Global Inclusion Online Forum (GIOF) about how Blind Professionals use their disabilities as a competitive edge.

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Bridging Diversity and Accessibility with Clusiv

Accessible Onboarding Hiring Blind Disabled Employees Inclusive Clusiv


The Clusiv e-learning platform is designed to prioritize accessiblity, which will result in a seamless experience for your organization as you hire, onboard, and train your stakeholders. 

Inclusive Hiring Diversity Clusiv Blind Job Seekers

Inclusive hiring

We have a continuously growing and evolving network of blind professionals who are prepared to realize your organization’s mission while furthering its accessibility capabilities.

Fortify Your Work Culture Clusiv Diversity Inclusion

Fortifying culture

When you hire, train, and upskill with Clusiv you become a member of our team. We pride ourselves in supporting our graduates and the great organizations who hire them.

Accessible Upskilling Clusiv Blind Vocational Rehab Inclusion

Accessible upskilling

It’s critical that we build differently abled leaders in today’s world. Clusiv’s platform and industry expertise is the best way for your blind employees to be trained and upskilled.