CEO & Founder Lukas Simianer Speaks at the 2022 Global Inclusion Online Forum Annual Meeting

The Global Inclusion Online Forum (GIOF) is One of the Leading Authorities and Advocates of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

This year Clusiv CEO and Founder Lukas Simianer had the honor of being invited as a keynote speaker at the 2022 Global Inclusion Online Forum Annual Meeting. As a pioneer in diversity, equity, and inclusion in America’s private sector, Lukas spoke to hundreds of other business executives, government leaders, and founders on how employee “disabilities” can also be cultivated into superpowers that can give one’s company a comparative advantage over its competition. 

In his speech and Q&A session, Lukas also speaks on the founding of Clusiv, the barriers that it is breaking for the Blind and Visually Impaired workforce, expanding into Europe, and also gives us insight on how blind people experience technology. It is hard to believe that just a year ago Lukas was pitching Clusiv to the Global Inclusion Online Forum as an idea. Now Clusiv is a live platform serving Blind and Visually Impaired job seekers in over ten states (and counting). 

For Blind and Visually Impaired Job-Seekers looking for the chance to gain new skills in technology and work remote with a competitive salary, visit us to learn more

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