Top blind & visually impaired podcast interviews our ceo Founder & CEO Lukas Simianer Invited on Hit Podcast “Four Bad Eyes”.

In December of 2021, Blind Pro Skater, Dan Mancina and Blind Entertainer, Anthony S. Ferraro teamed up to bring listeners around the globe the Four Bad Eyes Podcast. In just a matter of months Four Bad Eyes has gone viral gaining millions of followers on multiple platforms (links below).

In the video above, our CEO and Founder Lukas Simianer speaks about the e-learning platform and how it was created, designed, and launched by and for the visually impaired.  Sharing his experiences with Dan and Anthony, Lukas spoke on everything from overcoming learning disabilities as a child, how he raised funding for the startup, and how members of the Blind and Visually Impaired Community can take part in Clusiv’s dynamic Vocational Rehabilitation program.

The Hosts of Four Bad Eyes

Dan Mancina


Anthony Ferraro Blind BVI Professional Skateboarder


Listen to the Four Bad Eyes Podcast Here:

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