Celebrating global accessibility awareness day 2022

Clusiv.io is Proud to Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD).

Today we celebrate and spread awareness for the 11th Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). GAAD was founded by Co-Founders Joe Devon and Jennison Asuncion with the goal of getting the world to talk, think and learn about digital access/inclusion and the people with different disabilities who need them. 

In the video above, our CEO and Founder Lukas Simianer speaks upon the importance of accessibility everywhere, including the workplace, and how impactful Joe and Jennison have been in his life as mentors and to the world as accessibility evangelists.  

Common Impairments/Dissabilities

Motor Accessibility
Blind BVI Clusiv


Hearing Deaf Clusiv

It all started with a blog post from Joe Devon.

The idea of a Global Accessibility Awareness Day started with a single blog post written by a Los Angeles-based web developer, Joe Devon.  that served as the inspiration for Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Then a Tweet from Jennison Asuncion.

At the time, Jennison was an accessibility professional from Toronto. He randomly stumbled on Joe’s blog post by coming across a tweet from Joe. They connected on Twitter, and later combined their talents and networks to realize what would become a global holiday.

And what resulted from it has been Global Awareness!

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