A Case Study On Inclusivity:

Startup CEO travels across the nation to show what an “inclusive” organization looks like not only in an office, but literally in fire.

Clusiv.io’s May 2022 launch-preparations are just as physical as they are mental.

In an era where most corporations tout and tweet inclusivity as loudly as possible, the Austin-based startup Clusiv.io is showing it not only in the office, but in the 5,000 meters of mud, fire, obstacles, and water that make up the Rugged Maniac 5K.

When Founder and CEO Lukas Simianer was asked by his employee Levi Gobin to join him for the intense 5K challenge through some of the toughest natural elements, the former U.S. Army Combat Veteran didn’t hesitate for a second to fly from Austin, Texas to Tampa, Florida for the event.  

Gobin, a software engineer for Clusiv.io was asked if he was nervous about the 5K’s obstacles, he responded with “I believe blind people can do anything as long as they set their mind to it.”  That response is just one of the many reasons why Levi is the living embodiment of the culture that Simianer and his COO Tom Jackson have cultivated at the startup.  

What happened to be the best example of Clusiv’s workplace culture was a part in the race where Simianer put Gobin on his back (literally) to run through fire.  When asked about this moment at the finish line the CEO responded with “in an environment where there is real inclusion, we know that everyone is not able to do everything, and as leaders we are there to bridge the gap.”  

Traveling to Florida for the Rugged Maniac 5K wasn’t just all work and no work for Simianer though.  Hours after the event it was back to video conferences and meetings for the startup leader.  But as Lukas puts it, “When the work you do is meaningful and purpose-driven, it doesn’t even feel like work.” 

This case study on inclusivity will continue until Thursday where Simianer will join Dan Mancina and Anthony S. Ferraro on their Four Bad Eyes Podcast, so be sure to check it out when it’s released!